About Us

The Rico Tours Team

Rico Tours offers creative and innovative ideas to make your trip to Central or South America exciting and memorable. We are experienced professionals who provide personalized service, taking care of every detail.

We offer coordinated itineraries for individuals and groups. This includes consultation, hotel reservations, transfers, air tickets, tours, car rentals, logistical support, and various special requirements. Our team provides friendly drivers and guides and attends to the smallest detail. We limit our offerings to products we know are unique and will deliver the highest value.

The word “Rico” means “Rich” in Spanish. We believe that your travel experience should enrich your life.

It’s your trip. Whether you’re planning a vacation, a reunion, a romance or a corporate event, we will consult with you, listen to your needs and together design the experience you are looking for. We take your input and craft an unforgettable experience made just for you. Our intimate knowledge ensures that your trip is beyond expectations.