Where to Stay in Guatemala

Guatemala has a wide range of offerings for travelers who are seeking culture, adventure and relaxation. Flights to Guatemala arrive at Guatemala City. Often if you have a late flight coming in or if you have a very early flight leaving the country, we’ll put you in a Guatemala City hotel so you can be close to the airport. But that’s not the only reason why the city is a great option, there is fantastic dining, great museums, plenty of shopping and nightlife to keep a person thoroughly entertained. Just an hour away is the popular colonial town of Antigua. Once you arrive in Antigua, you feel like you are whisked into the past as you walk the cobblestone streets past colorful colonial buildings. Towering cathedrals, horse-drawn carts carrying food and textiles, and locals walking around with baskets on their heads create the totally authentic atmosphere that defines this historic town. Shopping and dining are also excellent in Antigua. It’s the perfect mix of history and entertainment. For relaxation and gorgeous views, the Panajachel and Lake Atitlan area is your place. This beautiful, crescent-shaped lake is surrounded by 3 impressive volcanoes. Panajachel is the perfect cozy town to pop into for a drink or a great meal, but the best way to enjoy this part of the country is in on the balcony of a quiet ecolodge on the shores of Lake Atitlan. There are also great shopping opportunities in this area in markets surrounding the lake. Last, but not least, is the famous Peten region that houses the ancient Mayan ruins. This region is more like a tropical jungle with warmer temperatures and lots of trees and wildlife. If you want the mysterious ancient Mayan ruins, great hiking and beautiful nature, you’ll love this region. Guatemala is a large country with tons of possibilities. Your Rico Tours agent will help you decide which regions are best for your trip.