Posada Del Angel


Established in 1993, Posada del Angel is Antigua Guatemala’s pioneer Boutique Hotel offering authentic local experiences where every detail and moment has been curated by local connoisseurs who want to share Antigua’s Maya and Spanish heritages.

Rose Suite

The seclusion of this suite from the rest of the hotel makes it easy to forget what lies outside it. The room is decorated with local antiques, and an imposing headboard which was once the very door to the Posada. Its wooden floors are warmed by the fireplace. Combined with the candle light, this fills the room with a glow which may detract you from ever turning the lights on. The spacious room also has a bathtub and a separate shower. Having the option of being served breakfast and drinks in your private terrace means there is little reason to ever leave the room.

Blue Room

Elegantly decorated in blue hand-woven Guatemalan fabrics, the Blue Room is one of our most requested rooms because of its rustic, colonial style. The wrought-iron headboard and wooden columns in the bathroom are charming examples of local craftsmanship. A wood burning fireplace provides warmth for what may be a king-sized bed, or two twins.

Bird Room

The warm hues of the bird room are perfectly mirrored by the wood-burning fireplace. An elegant bathroom decorated in earthy tones accentuates the decor of the bedroom to create a harmonious experience. With a view to the garden, this room is an undoubtedly tranquil choice.

Yellow Room

The Yellow Room is decorated with vibrant colours characteristic of Guatemala and a wrought-iron headboard which is a typical example of work by Antigua’s craftsmen. The poolside view also means that you may open a window to enjoy the lulling sound of the fountain. There is a wood burning fire place, and a choice between two twin beds, or a king-sized bed.

Green Room

This room is filled with light and the faint sound of the fountain outside. Its antique four-poster bed is flanked by two night tables sculpted out of a tree trunk brought from Huehuetenango. The coziness of this room is accentuated by a warming fireplace and charming local fabrics.

Mayan Room

One of the coziest rooms in the Posada, the Mayan Room’s queen-sized bed is decorated with bold local fabrics. The Mayan prints on the wall offer the perfect way through which to be immersed into the local culture. A view of the garden provides a nice contrast to the elegant and rustic decoration within it.

Mary Sue Suite

This room is reminiscent of Antigua’s colonial beginnings. Its four-poster bed is flanked by a collection of Mayan drawings which serve as a reminder of the clashing cultures of the city. A sitting room with a sofa bed is arranged around the fireplace, making the space a very cozy one. Two bookshelves provide plenty of material for you to enjoy whilst sitting in your private patio with a glass of wine. The bathtub is surrounded by candles, which brings warmth to the marble and wooden room.