Where to Stay in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, there are 3 main areas we typically focus on: Managua, the capitol city; Granada, the famous colonial city; and the Southern Pacific, which includes the popular beach community of San Juan del Sur. A typical experience in Nicaragua will usually include all three areas. You fly into Managua and then you have the option of spending the night there in a lovely boutique hotel or an ultra-modern high rise with access to great dining options and lively nightlife, or you can go straight to Granada (about an hour away from the Managua Airport) and stay in a colonial-era hotel, overlooking the busy town square. There are also options to stay on one of the isletas located in the giant Lake Nicaragua. There is excellent access to Granada from the lake. After a couple of days in this area, taking tours of the historical sites and immersing yourself in the culture, you will head to the Pacific coast of Southern Nicaragua for some beach time. Keep in mind, that there are also great properties and experiences that don’t quite fit into these 3 general areas. Leon is a great example of another region that is often requested by travelers who want authentic cultural experiences and easy access to Cerro Negro for some volcano boarding – that’s right, you ride a sandboard down the side of an active volcano! Your Rico Tours agent will help you decide which regions are best for your trip.