Where to Stay in Panama

Panama is a unique country that offers a fantastic variety of experiences and terrain. As most everyone knows, Panama’s most popular region is Panama City, home to the world-famous Panama Canal. There are several hotels to choose from in this area and the activities and experiences are numerous. Of course, visitors often head over to the Miraflores Locks to see the ships in transit, but once that’s done, there is more to discover. Shop in the bustling fish markets, dine with excellent views on the causeway, or enjoy a drink and some snacks on a terrace in Casco Viejo- the city’s old quarter. There is great history in this area in addition to its modern marvels. In the central region of Panama, guests can enjoy luxury beachfront lodging or unique lakefront lodging that provides access (via canoe) to local tribes for unforgettable cultural tours. Want horseback riding, coffee plantations and eternal spring temperatures? Boquete is your place. This region of Panama is perfect for folks who are interested in birding, canopy zip-lining, and sharing a cup of coffee by the fireplace in your room. Lastly, there is Panama’s laid back, crystal watered Bocas del Toro. Most of the properties in this region are accessible by boat. Casitas perched on top of the clear blue waters are a common sight and the groovy Caribbean vibe is in full force. There are great properties in other regions of Panama as well, especially in the islands just off the Pacific coast. Your Rico Tours agent can help you decide which area is best for your needs.