Los Angeles Cloud Forest

Location: Central Valley & Highlands

The Irazu is the highest volcano in the country at 3,432 meters. It is easy to reach on paved roads that go all the way to the crater from San José via Cartago. The views are breathtaking. There is a visitors center, restaurant, and bathrooms at the crater’s lookout point. The last major eruption, in 1963, lasted two years and deposited a layer of ash over the city of San José. It can be cold and windy at the top, but on a clear day, it is possible to see the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. The crater rumbles and steam rises from the lakes within. The area around the Irazu is rich farm land. There are all types of vegatable farms, flower farms, and dairies. We offer day tours to the Irazu, and it is possible to combine a tour of Irazu with a tour of Cartago and/or Lankester Gardens.

We also offer serveral horseback rides in the area ranging from 2 – 4 hours with a minimum of 2 maximum of 4 riders.

Size: 2,309 hectares.

From San José: 1½ hours paved road.

Principle attractions: Highest volcano in Costa Rica, (11,000 ft.)