Coco Island National Park

Location: North Pacific (Off Shore)

This isolated island is located 500 kilometeres from Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, is volcanic in origin and is at the top of the Galapagos island chain. The island is covered with extremely dense primary rain forest, and dramatic waterfalls cascade from cliffs over 100 meters high There are no facilities on the island. Most visitors to Cocos come to dive its turquoise waters and reefs. There are 18 species of corals, 57 of crustaceans, 118 of mollusks, and more than 200 species of fish. Hammerhead and white-tipped sharks are also quite common and it is possible to see the whale shark. There are stories of hidden pirate treasures on the island.

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Size: 2,400 hectares of land; 18,575 hectares of sea.

From San José: 2 hour drive and 500 kilometers by boat (36 hours).

Principle attractions: World class scuba diving.

Area Hotels: None. Live aboard boat excursions only.