Santa Rosa National Park

Location: North Pacific

Santa Rosa National Park was created in 1971. It preserves the historical site of the 1856 battle of Santa Rosa where Costa Rican forces engaged in battle with an American named William Walker. Walker had a sceme to take over the five nations of Central America for his own republic. The Costa Rican’s drove Walker into Nicaragua.

This park protects a tropical dry forest. Excellent opportunities for wildlife observation and photography exist during the dry season, due to concentrations of animals such as peccaries, coatimundis, and tapirs at watering holes. The beaches of Nancite and Naranjo are among the most pristine. There is an excellent trail system that offer hikes of 1 to 22 kilometers.

The Santa Rosa National Park is located 37 kilometers north of the city of Liberia on the west side of the Pan American Highway. There is no lodging in the park, but there are picnic tables, grill, rest rooms, showers, and potable water. There are hotels in and near Liberia.

From San José: 5 hour drive from San José on mostly paved road or a 45 minute flight to Liberia and 1 hour drive from the airport On the west side of the highway, across from the Guanacaste National Park.

Principle attractions: Large tropical dry forest and a historic site.

Activities in the area: Hiking, La Casona Museum.