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Situated on the narrow isthmus between the Americas, Panama offers a natural and cultural diversity that is unique to its location. Although Panama is a small country, its attractions are numerous. Travelers will encounter historical colonial sites, beaches on the Pacific and Caribbean including small islands, indigenous tribes, tropical fauna and flora, whitewater rapids, upscale shopping and some of the best nightlife in Central America.

Panama is best known for the remarkable Panama Canal, which allows ocean-liners to cross between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Constructed by the U.S. in 1914, the Panama Canal remains one of the greatest engineering achievements of the 20th century. Travelers have the opportunity to tour the Canal while also viewing wildlife along the way.

Panama City, which lies on the Pacific end of the Canal, features an impressive array of modern buildings and high-rises. The city exudes an energy that reflects the optimism and success that is a result of the country’s global commerce. In the heart of Panama City’s business district is the colonial gem, Casco Viejo. Visitors can sit in the plaza and enjoy tapas from the local upscale vendors or meander down the narrow streets to a variety of nightclubs.

For a more subdued, relaxed experience, travelers head to the Caribbean coast to Bocas del Toro, where they can recline on the pristine beaches, snorkel or watch the nesting turtles. Also along the Caribbean, the Kuna tribes of the San Blas Islands offer travelers the unique pleasure of experiencing life in an indigenous society that has remained independent from national influence for centuries. For nature lovers, the valley of Boquete offers some of the most beautiful flora and fauna in the country. The area is known as the “Valley of the Flowers” and the “Eternal Spring.”

As Panama grows in popularity, more and more travelers are choosing to set out on a new adventure in a land that offers a variety of unique and memorable experiences.