Rico Tours staff have been traveling for the past week through the unique landscapes of the Nicoya Peninsula. In the coming days, they will take you through their journeys in this exciting and beautiful region of Costa Rica.

The Nicoya Peninsula is located on the Northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. This region contains some of the most famous beaches in the country. The world-class surfing is a main attraction for the region. Inland, much of the area is dedicated to agriculture.

Not only does this region boast many fantastic destinations that truly fulfill the “pura vida” lifestyle, it also boasts a rich historical background. Once Central America gained independence from Spain, this region became the Guanacaste Province. It was part of Nicaragua until 1824 when the “Guanacastecos” decided to secede from Nicaragua and become part of Costa Rica. Today, the Guanacaste culture is still very strong in the area. I would liken their local pride to that of the Texans in the United States. In fact, when you leave the beaches, you will likely encounter Costa Rican cowboys or “sabaneros” tending to cattle on the expansive farms of the region.

To get to the Nicoya Peninsula, most travelers fly in to the newly renovated Liberia International Airport. From there, you can drive along the coast or take a quick domestic flight to reach the southern zone of the peninsula. From the Central Valley, or elsewhere in the country, travelers can also choose to take the ferry at Puntarenas. The ferry takes about an hour or so and you cruise across the Gulf of Nicoya to your beach destination awaiting you on the other side.