Today the road changed. We lost the black top and went to gravel and dirt. The first rains started, which washed some of the gravel off. Even though the distance from Tamarindo to Nosara is short, patience was a virtue as we made our way south slowly on the bumpy road.

Nosara has developed more in tune with nature than it’s neighbor, Tamarindo. The community is oriented towards surf, yoga, and health. There is also a large community of expats who live in the Nosara and Guiones Beach community. Alison, our newest team member, and her husband have two houses in this area.

On the way, we passed Avellanas Beach and would have stopped at the famous Lola’s Bar and Restaurant, but sadly, it is closed on Mondays. Lola’s is popular because it provides comfortable lounging, great food, and front row seats at the surf, which is world class. We had lunch at the JW Marriott Guanacaste and a did site inspection of the resort. It is lovely and the beach is private and beautiful.

One very important region in this area is Ostional Wildlife Reserve. This beach has year-round turtles. Each month, in the week leading up to the new moon, thousands of Olive Ridley turtles “arrive”. Locals call this “arribada”, the Spanish word for arrival. The turtles (numbering in the hundreds) come ashore and lay their eggs in the sand. This is an incredible event to witness!

Our host for the night was the Harmony Nosara Hotel. A very zen resort, the guests were mostly young professionals, getting their dose of the laid back scene in Nosara. Each room has a rack for surfboards near the entrance and excellent surfing is steps from the hotel. The pool has the most incredible silver palm.

Silver Palm at Harmony

To end our day, we watched the sunset from La Garta Lodge and enjoyed a wonderful fish dinner.

J&K La Garta