The drive from Islita to Tambor was uncharted territory for me to drive myself. I have always had drivers for this section. We opted to go the coastal route rather than all the way to Paquera as it is a much shorter drive. I knew there were rivers we would have to ford but because it was the beginning of the rainy season these would be passable even though we only had 2-wheel drive. Also, there were several turns to make, and the route is more locally used than on the tourist circuit. After eating well and stocking up on water, snacks, and fuel, we left Punta Islita.

Yellow Tree Guanacaste Tree

The beautiful trees in the Nicoya bloom in a variety of colors during the dry season. The giant Guanacaste trees, the national tree of Costa Rica, seem to embrace the pastureland. The countryside is ranch land with rolling hills, small villages and almost no other traffic.

Fording Rivers 1

Sure enough, we managed to cross those 3 rivers: Rio Bongo, Rio Caño Seco, and Rio Ario. Before crossing we walked across each one to find the surest section. At the Rio Caño Seco, a German traveler who was crossing from the other side told us, “I wouldn’t do that without an SUV and 4 wheel drive”. But we weren’t too worried. After the Rio Bongo, the Rio Caño Seco seemed easy. In the end, we were successful. I drove the van through all three rivers. Next time, though, I will have 4-wheel drive!

Fording Rivers 2

Of course, when we arrived at Cobanó, we stopped at the grocery store for some much needed adult beverage ingredients for our afternoon arrival at our next destination. We arrived at Tango Mar and found ourselves in paradise. This beach is truly gorgeous and with a full moon coming that night, we settled in at Casa Oceano with the surf just steps away from our home for the night.

Arrival at Casa Oceano

This lovely, coconut tree-lined beach is so private with just one neighboring hotel, Tango Mar, and a few beachfront homes. We were lucky enough to stay in Casa Oceano, a six bedroom luxury estate. The chef and concierge were there to meet us with coconut drinks and freshly made guacamole. We walked the beach, relaxed in the pool and had a lovely dinner of fresh Mahi Mahi and all the trimmings. Of course, Alison and I took advantage of opportunity to grab some internet to catch up on our emails, but hey, what a nice place to work!

Beach at Casa Oceano Working at Casa Oceano

A full moon rose over the ocean, and we were all sure this would be the spot for Jenna and Kent’s wedding! It was heavenly.